Website Development Mentoring Package

Website Development Mentoring Package

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At Business Mentoring Australia, every relationship is built on transparency and professional development. We don't build a website for you and charge you every time you want to make a change. We build your website, then mentor you on how to use it so you have full control to make any changes you like. 

What is included in the $99 monthly fee?

  • An initial 60 minutes consultation with your Mentor will allow you to build a transparent and professional development relationship, so you can start bringing your ideas to life. 
  • Website hosting costs
  • One customized domain name
  • Your mentor will start to build the foundations of your website according to your brief so you don't feel overwhelmed starting from scratch.
  • Your Mentor will then handover the usernames and passwords and spend 1 hour with you teaching how to take full control of your website. 
  • A free 60-min monthly mentoring session to keep your business focused on success.
  • Email support with your Mentor

Whether you are after a simple website or an e-commerce site, at Business Mentoring Australia, we can be the support you need to bring your ideas to life. 

Don't wait for someone else to take advantage of your gap in the market. Book your Website Development Mentoring Package now or book your Free Introductory Mentor Consultation

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