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Setting Customer Expectations & Dealing with Complaints

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Have you ever been on the phone with an irate customer, and no matter what you try, you seem to be going around in circles? 

You are not alone! We all have experienced a nightmare call, however, most complaints are completely avoidable. 

While most of us don't deal with complaints on our own, sometimes when you are on the call, you feel like you are. There is nothing more defeating than handing a call over to someone else, and not being able to provide the customer with a solution, or even worse, feeling angry yourself.

How can you improve the customer's experience when they are complaining? 

Prevent the issue from ever happening! However, that is not always the easiest thing to do! Especially when you are on the phone with them. 

What can you do?

In the Setting Customer Expectations & Dealing with Complaints workshop, staff will receive the skills, tools, and resources to handle complaints in a professional manner. 

Program Overview

The workshop can either be purchased as a one, two or three-day workshop and covers skills, tools, and resources to help staff set customer expectations, avoid complaints occurring and enable complaints to be handled in a professional manner while maintaining customer relationships. 

One-Day workshop overview

  • The customer wants, needs and frustrations
  • Customer's expectations of the service
  • How to be easy to deal with, empathetic, effective and trustworthy
  • How to deal with customer complaints
  • Commitment to a successful outcome

Two-day workshop overview

Covers everything in the one-day workshop as well as:

  • Aggressive, passive and assertive behaviors, beliefs and consequences
  • Positive communication styles
  • Word usage and how to avoid negative language
  • Listening techniques

Three-day workshop overview

Covers everything in the one and two-day workshops as well as: 

  • Understanding different personality types
  • Managing feedback
  • Emotional resilience

If you are looking for Business Management Consulting Services in dealing with difficult or challenging customers, setting customer expectations and increase staff skills to manage customer feedback in a proactive manner, book your workshop now, or contact us to discuss your needs further.