Business Plan Package

Business Plan Package

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Have you been thinking about a new business idea for a while and done nothing about it?

Don't waste another day! Write up a business plan to give you the edge you need to make your business idea a reality. 

Why do I need a Business Plan?

An effective business plan can drive your focus with an outcome of success. A business plan can help you focus and prioritize your objectives, understand the risks, secure finance and bring your idea from a figment of your imagination to a business ready to be launched.

Although you may think you don't need a business plan to start your own small business, it is guaranteed to save you time and money in the long run.

What should a business plan include?

  • Your business profile including your business name and logo, vision and mission statement, business objectives, registration and license details etc. 
  • Market research and marketing plan
  • Your business launch strategy and 5-10 year growth plan
  • A description of your products and/or services and their costs
  • Financial strategy including overheads, start-up capital required and if the business will be financially viable. 

Why should I pay for someone to write up my business plan?

This is a simple answer because your ideas are a vision, and it is often very challenging to get that vision onto paper and develop a plan for launch. A Business Mentor can ask you questions you haven't thought about, keep you focused, and guide you through the process of finding information about your chosen industry. The process is exciting because you get to share your business ideas with a likeminded person who is fuelled by your passions and only wants you to succeed. At the end of the process, you will have a Business Plan you can take to the bank or an investor to confidently sell the idea to them.

What does the Business Plan Package include?

The Business Plan Package includes 8 hours of 1:1 mentoring spread over 8 sessions to guide you through the 4 stages of writing a business plan. 

Stage One: It's All About The Vision.

You get to tell your mentor all your visions, while your mentor types it up for you. The feeling of passion and excitement you get from seeing your business coming to life is addictive and wonderful!

Stage Two: The Logistics.

Your mentor will ask you some confronting questions you may not have the answers for but are essential to starting your business. Questions may include where are you going to set up your business? Are you going to be a sole trader or registered as a company? Do you need to register for GST? What registrations and licenses do you need? Do you need to set up an ABN? What products and services are you going to sell? These sessions will force you to think! * Your mentor is not a qualified Accountant, therefore, they will suggest you seek advice from your accountant at this stage, however, rest assured they will give you a list of questions to ask!

Stage Three: Financial Forecasting

This is where your business idea starts to show you the money! Questions your mentor may ask you include, who are your competitors and what are they charging? What is your marketing plan and how much will it cost? How much do your products and services need to cost so you can make a profit? In 5-10 years time, do you have enough capital to expand and scale the business?

Stage Four: The Rollout Plan

The most rewarding sessions of the whole process. Your Business Plan is almost complete, and you get to think about what your next steps are to take your Business Plan from paper to finding a store to lease or starting your marketing campaign etc. 

Most good ideas stay in people's heads, and never come to life. Don't take your good idea to the grave. Purchase a Business Plan Package and make your idea come to life.