Business Mentoring Australia 1:1 Accelerated Leadership Program

Accelerated Leadership Program

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Would you or your staff like to look, act and sound like a leader? With the Accelerated Leadership Program, it's possible in 12 months. 

Accelerated Leadership Program Overview

Each week, we will build a Leadership Toolbox, with resources and tools to emerge as an inner leader.

Topics covered include:

  1. Using communication as a secret weapon
  2. Successful insight and reflective practices
  3. Understanding organisational politics
  4. Getting to know your internal and external stakeholders
  5. Building organisational, time management and conflict management skills
  6. The difference between Alpha Dogs and Worker Bees
  7. Visualise and present powerful messages
  8. Motivate and engage your staff
  9. The power of silence and body language
  10. Setting expectations and dealing with complaints
  11. Managing performance - know how to have difficult conversations
  12. Understanding risk and quality
  13. Change management - How not to lose staff morale

Accelerated Leadership Program Benefits

Don't wait 5-10 years to build a Leadership Toolbox and avoid making mistakes others have made. The Accelerated Leadership Program provides the tools, resources, and skills you need in just twelve months. 

As well as saving precious years, experience the following benefits:

  • Accelerated Leadership Program certificate
  • Unlimited email contact with a Business Mentor
  • Fulfillment of your own developmental needs
  • Organisational recognition
  • Exposure to new ideas and others perspectives
  • Support in targeted development activities
  • Help to avoid mistakes others have made
  • Access to an informed second opinion
  • Gaining valuable insight
  • Identifying personal and professional development needs and opportunities
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence
  • Increased likelihood of career advancement

How the Accelerated Leadership Program works

Each session you will meet with a Business Mentor to enhance skills, discuss challenges throughout the period, and plan for the period ahead, using new skills gained, practicing old ones, and stretching potential. 

How much does the Accelerated Leadership Program cost and what is included?

Individualised 1:1 Accelerated Leadership Program

  • A weekly 60-minute mentoring session via Skype or over the phone.
  • Unlimited email contact with a Business Mentor
  • Accelerated Leadership Program Certificate
Cost: $80 per week for 12 months (total program cost: $4,160)

Payments can be made weekly, fortnightly, monthly or in full.

Discount available: 5% off with annual payment (total program cost: $3,952)

Group Accelerated Leadership Program

  • One day workshop per month on location.
  • Unlimited email contact with a Business Mentor
  • Accelerated Leadership Program Certificate per participant

Total program cost: $12,000 (maximum 8 participants per program)

When does the Accelerated Leadership Program start?

Straight away. As soon as payment is made, a Business Mentor will introduce themselves. 

There are only so many spots available, so take advantage of this opportunity today.