Why you need a business mentor

Business Mentor

Are you feeling a bit lost at work? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Or are you having a conflict with someone you work with? Do you need some direction, however, don't have the confidence to approach your manager with it? Or maybe you have approached your manager, but didn't get the advice you needed?

In the past, a business mentor was a resource only reserved for executive managers, with a phenomenal cost upwards of 30K per year for some mentors. With the online world, and emerging technologies, it has made it easier for staff at all levels of an organisation to build a relationship with someone who can give objective advise, someone who wont be afraid to give you constructive feedback, and someone who has the experience and expertise to point you in a positive direction, for less than a cup of coffee each day.

Why you need a business mentor

Sometimes it can be daunting climbing the corporate ladder, or even getting through a major project. A business mentor can be a pivotal advantage you have that others do not. A business mentor from can give you the resources and tools you need, assist you to build the skill set required for that next job promotion, polish up your resume and even guide you along the way when you hit psychological or organizational barriers.

About Business Mentoring Australia

Melissa Peacock is the Founder of Business Mentoring Australia and Lead Mentor. Melissa has over 10 years of corporate experience in the service industry and is someone who has successfully navigated office politics and accelerated up the corporate ladder in a relatively short amount of time. Melissa has worked as a front facing staff member where delivering value directly to customers was highly rewarding, through to working with executive managers where a department running within budget and strategic objectives are on target is highly rewarding.

Utilising theory from a Master's of Public Health (majoring in management) and gaining efficiency tools and resources from the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Melissa has a passion for leadership over management, and, has influenced multiple teams to become highly successful, reach their objectives and become highly engaged. Melissa also develops tailor-made training sessions and corporate workshops, understands the importance of hiring the right staff, how to deal with performance and change management and engaging staff through culture changes. 

Melissa has an approachable and friendly style, with a gentle nature which makes it easy to build a rapport and would enjoy getting to know your personal strengths, weaknesses and give you the gift of engagement, success and a real opportunity to get that next promotion.

You spend more time at work than at home, therefore why not make it as rewarding as being at home? Get in touch with a Business Mentor today by booking your free mentoring session and you will already be a step ahead of the rest.