What is a Business Mentor?

Business Mentor

What is a Business Mentor?

This question is quite common. Once you know the answer, you know how much you are missing out!


Your acquaintances, colleagues, friends and family have all heard you vent about your news, business developments, and work opportunities that have been missed, but did they give you solid advice? Did they even actively listen to you?

What is a Business Mentor?

A Business Mentor is a role model you can look up to, they are a Business Analyst, they are consultants and often still employees who offer their knowledge, skills and experiences with you to help you through circumstances you find challenging.

Your business mentor is can assist entrepreneurial businessmen and women to achieve their goals. They will become a trusted friend who will offer you encouragement, advice and constructive feedback. You will find yourself growing from strength to strength, and reaching more goals than you knew was possible.

Why do Mentor's want to be a Mentor?

This question is simple. Generally, Mentor's have struggled to get to where they are today and have learnt a lot along the way. Mentors are very humble, and grateful for their experiences, however, they do not want you to experience the same thing. Mentor's feel it is their purpose to coach someone along to ensure they reach their goals as quickly as they can, without struggling. 

Who profits more from a mentorship? The Mentor, or the Mentee?

This is a simple question. They both profit equally. The Mentee gains useful tools and resources to move along their chosen path with purpose. The Mentor gets to increase their network and learns about a broad range of industries, all while keeping up with the current marking trends and challenges. 

Not everyone is a Mentor. Most bosses are managers. If you are lucky, your boss is a leader. If you are extremely lucky, your boss will be a mentor.

If you are extremely lucky, how much time does your boss have to spend with you, 1:1 every week? What if I told you, you don't have to be extremely lucky to be able to have a weekly session with a mentor? 

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