The No Tears Option for Entrepreneurs: Launch Your Shopify Website


Do you want to quit your day job, and start an online business, working in your pyjamas, at home? Yes! You do! You can join the millions of people who do every day, right now, by starting your 14-Day Free e-commerce store trial with Shopify

Launch Your Hugely Successful ECommerce Website on Shopify


The first 5 steps are critical to launching a successful Shopify Store! 

  1. Do your niche research, and decide on a product or service to sell. Medium to high competition is good because it shows people are already selling and making money in the market. You also need your niche, product or service to be an upward trend. Check out Google Trends to research your niche, product or service.
  2. Get to know your audience...intimately. The eBook: Your Key To Success: Drive Free Organic Traffic To Your Website Today is great to create your audience profile and create engaging, conversion-ready website content. 
  3. Get your inspiration by checking out all the Shopify stores which are highly successful by clicking here, for example, receives more than 194,000 visitors per day! 
  4. Choose a business name
  5. Click here to start your new store in less than an hour Shopify Free Trial

How to set up your new Shopify E-Commerce Store

Launch your ecommerce website on shopify

  1. Open your new store with your Shopify Free Trial
  2. Enter your email address, password and store name
  3. Choose a theme (we love Brooklyn)
  4. Click Settings then Checkout and generate your store refund policies, terms of service etc. 
  5. Set up your Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to track viewers and conversions by clicking Online Store then preferences
  6. Click Apps to increase the conversions, improve your engagement and save you valuable time. Oberlo is amazing if you want to drop ship your products from Aliexpress while MailChimp is perfect for increasing your engagement with customers and sending newsletters, email marketing campaigns etc.
  7. Click Products then click CollectionsAdd Create Collection. Select manually select products and link it to a tag. Then you can add multiple products to the one collection. 
  8. Click Product then click add product
  9. Select Settings then complete the fields for Payments and Shipping 
  10. Click on Online Store then click on Domain to buy your website Domain e.g. 
  11. Click on Online Store then click on Themes then Customise
  12. Find images you like by going to Google Images enter your keyword, then click on tools then labels for reuse which has no usage rights attached.
  13. Click through the sections on the left-hand side. Add the header image, delete any of the sections you don't want to add. Click Save.

Advertise your product

  1. Start your free advertising campaign - Download your eBook here for over 50 pages of step by step instructions to set up your social media accounts, generate free traffic to your website and how to write engaging content and advertisements
    Your Key To Success: Drive Free Organic Traffic To Your Website Today 
  2. Create your advertisements using an 800x800 pixel size is perfect for Instagram
  3. Find your Instagram Influencers and tap into their followers. You absolutely must get in front of the right audience!!!!! If you are looking to purchase advertisements through an Instagram influencer, look for someone who has over 100K followers and ask them for a discount!
  4. Build your Facebook advertisement Click here for some great advice on how to build your advertisement 

Don't make these mistakes!!!!!

  1. Never get into paid advertisements until you have had some traffic to your site. Your Facebook pixel will do the heavy lifting. You want to be able to re-target a lookalike audience for a higher conversion rate. 
  2. Don't waste your valuable time on the small stuff. Outsource some of your tasks to a Fiverr Personal Assistant. They can design your logo, write your blogs and run a social media campaign for as little as $5.
  3. Never, ever, ever Boost a Facebook Post. It will never work!!! All it does is steal your money! You NEED to target your audience using a conversion advertisement.
  4. Don't pay for your first 14 days with Shopify. Get your free days by clicking on this link
  5. Don't despair. Talk to a Business Mentoring Australia Mentor if you need help at any stage! You can get a free 30 minute, over the phone consultation by clicking here.


If you want an e-commerce website, and you would prefer someone to do all the above for you. The Business Mentoring Australia Website Development Package is only $1,500 and includes:


  • An initial 60 minutes consultation with your Mentor which will allow you to build a transparent and professional development relationship, so you can start bringing your ideas to life. 
  • A Web Designer will conduct business and market research to find your competitors and the keywords needed to increase your chances of free organic traffic. 
  • A Web Designer will build you a website according to your brief and give you the opportunity to look around your new website.
  • Your Mentor will then handover the usernames and passwords and spend 8 hours with you, over 4 consultations to teach you how to take full control of your website. 

Whether you are after a simple website or an e-commerce site, at Business Mentoring Australia, we can be the support you need to bring your ideas to life. 

Don't wait for someone else to take advantage of your gap in the market. Book your Website Development Mentoring Package or your Free Introductory Mentor Consultation to discuss it with an industry expert first. 

Alternatively DIY with your first 14 days free with Shopify. 

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