Starting a business

Start a business

Are you starting a business? 

When you are starting up your own business, it can feel a bit like information overload. What are your priorities, what should you focus on first? Do the clients or the staff come first? Do you take up a social media package or should you advertise another way? A Business Mentor can help you with a lot in your first few months, even years of your new business. 

Some of the activities a Business Mentor can assist you with include:

  • Being a sounding board for your dreams, passions, ideas, and visions
  • Setting a plan for you to start your new businesses
  • Developing the boundaries of your business to focus on the start-up phases, while still capturing your big ideas and future visions. 
  • Setting goals and activities you can do to take your business in the direction you would like to go in
  • Writing a business plan that not only can be used to attract investors, but you can use the content on your webpage, brochures, social media, position descriptions, marketing campaigns etc.  
  • Developing a targetted marketing campaign
  • Increasing your sales and profits by identifying new opportunities for business growth
  • Increasing your confidence in networking and marketing your ideas   
  • Identifying new products and services that you may have overlooked
  • Improving your personal skills including communication and time management

Starting a business

A Business Mentor can also keep you focused when you are starting a business, and feel like you are in control of what you need to do. A Business Mentor will be your biggest advocate, and increase your confidence to be able to run your own business.  

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