Mentoring Benefits - Top 10 Mentoring Benefits For the Mentor & Mentee

Mentoring Benefits

What Mentoring Benefits can you take advantage of?

This is one of the most prominent inquiries we get about what we offer at Business Mentoring Australia - and certainly a common secret amongst many of the successful leaders today.

Mentoring benefits are numerous, and the benefits vary in importance from person to person, depending on their skill level. 

For the Mentor, mentoring consultations allow them to: 

  1. Be involved in someone's passions and feel the excitement their mentees have when they succeed.
  2. Allow mentees to learn from the mentor's experience. 
  3. Listening effectively. 
  4. Share information, which improves both the mentee and mentors self-esteem.
  5. Build their professional network.
  6. Practice their coaching skills without the pressure that comes from managing direct reports. 
  7. Enjoy seeing the mentee grow and learn and absorb the energy and enthusiasm that comes with each consultation. 
  8. Upgrading a mentees abilities and seeing their mentee develop over time.
  9. Fully utilize their leadership skills.
  10. Guide their mentors through a difficult time.

For the Mentee, mentoring benefits include, but are not limited to;

  1. Building their self-esteem and having confidence in their own abilities
  2. Encouraging the mentee to focus on their chosen career
  3. Increasing their assertiveness and the ability to speak confidently about their skills
  4. Enhancing relationship building abilities
  5. Promoting innovational ideas
  6. Developing leadership and project management skills
  7. Having a customized learning program which is focused on their strengths and weaknesses
  8. Improving their ability to work autonomously 
  9. Focusing on their goals and personal objectives
  10. Being able to speak openly, and frankly to someone who is not tied to the organization they work for

Mentoring benefits everybody, however, the Mentor is using skills they already have, the Mentee is able to grow their skills exponentially through the mentoring support and practical experience gained through putting their newly found skills into practice.

Overall, the mentoring benefits experienced by the Mentee are customized and focused on individual strengths, wants and needs.  

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