Mentoring and it's benefits

Firstly, welcome to Business Mentoring Australia.

Mentoring is beneficial for everyone. You included. Mentors can give you focus on your most important goal, and keep you accountable until you accomplish it. Being held accountable for staying on track is very powerful, with the result of fast-tracking your achievements. 

Mentors, like Teachers and Analysts, utilise tools and resources to coach people in the direction they want to be. They act as a sounding board for ideas, ask thought proking questions, and provide an opening for you to join like-minded people to help you on your journey. 

Mentoring is a commonly used resource which is extremely beneficial for small business owners, entrepreneurs and owner-operators as it can become overwhelming at times to be on your own. Your mentor can be by your side to support and guide you by pointing out opportunities you may be missing out on, and for bouncing ideas off. 


Mentoring allows mentees to operate at their highest capacity as Mentors provide focus, goals to work towards and share your celebrations with you,  

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