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Are you a budding, fresh entrepreneur, a newbie when it comes to running a business, or a seasoned business owner. A Business Mentor from Business Mentoring Australia can guide you to refine your business strategy, outline the direction your business is taking, outline any opportunities you may be missing out on, and support you to achieve the objectives you set for your business to succeed.

Looking for a Business Mentor?

Book your FREE Business Mentor Session Now

Business Mentor

Are you eligible for a free consultation with a Business Mentor?

Yes. Business Mentoring Australia offers consultations over the phone to anyone who needs support, guidance and encouragement along their business journey. Anyone in Australia is eligible for a free consultation with a Business Mentor, whether you are in rural Victoria, outback Queensland or a metro city. You can book your session online now by clicking here.

Who is the Business Mentor?

When you book your session, you will be allocated a Business Mentor. Business Mentoring Australia takes pride in having highly experienced business-minded individuals, with a wide range of skills and qualifications to support you and your business.

What industries does a Business Mentor support?

All industries. There is one common thing in common across all industries. Entrepreneurs, small business owners, stay-at-home mums, corporate staff and every businessmen and woman all have areas to develop, and areas of strength they can utilise to pull them through a tough day.

A Business Mentor is skilled in active listening and providing objectivity to offer different perspectives to a problem, but also acting as a sounding board to start a business, or when it is time to expand and scale a business.

If you are interested in starting your own business, or increase your customer base and profits, a Business Mentor can certainly support you to achieve your objectives.

Your Business Mentor can help you write your business plan, build your website and/ or mentor you to start your successful business.

If you are looking for personal development. A Business Mentor will empower you to learn new skills including how to:

  • Build your self-esteem
  • Increase your confidence
  • Focus on your objectives
  • Be assertive
  • Speak clearly and concisely about your passions
  • Develop leadership qualities
  • Break bad habits
  • Understand your purpose
  • Choose a career path
  • Begin a new project
  • Harness your project management toolkit
  • Dream big, yet set realistic goals
  • Converse openly and honestly
  • Grow as a person
  • Keep your passions alive
  • Invest in yourself

Booking your mentoring session is easy. Click here and select the day and time you are available. No credit card necessary! You will be allocated to the next available session. You will receive an email confirmation of who your mentor is, and they will call you at the allocated time. Too easy!

Ongoing Paid Mentoring with Business Mentoring Australia

Looking for a Business Mentor? Book your FREE Business Mentor Session Now

Small business owners, entrepreneurs and people looking to invest in their personal development can book as many, or as little sessions as they like. With no lock-in-contracts, it is easy to get the support you need to become successful.

30 / 45 / 60 minutes

1:1 phone mentoring sessions designed to discuss your struggles and how you can move forward in your chosen direction. Click here to learn more about the Business Mentoring Australia 1:1 over the phone consultations.

$50 / $55 / $60 p/hr

Business Plan Package

An effective business plan can drive your focus with an outcome of success. A business plan is guaranteed to save you time and money in the long run. Click here to learn more about the Business Mentoring Australia Business Plan Package.


Website Development Mentoring Package

Are you feeling overwhelmed with how to start your own website? We can help. The Website Development Mentoring Package includes 8 hours of mentoring on how to set your website up, update it and how to increase your website's visibility to get you,  customers. Click here to learn more about the Business Mentoring Australia Website Development Mentoring Package.



Successful people never reach their goals alone

How does it sound to have a Business Mentor as your biggest advocate? You can have your own committed Business Mentor who is prepared to share their recipe for success. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

Business Mentoring Australia Mentors are Melbourne based however, all mentoring sessions are conducted over the phone, which means you can live in the rainforest near Cairns, near Mackenzie Falls in Gippsland Victoria, near the Olgas in Alice Spring, or near the beautiful coast of Broome riding the camels on the beach. No matter where you live in Australia, Business Mentoring Australia offers you one-on-one support, which is personalised, customised and completely focused on you.

Get in touch with a Business Mentor today by booking your free session with a Business Mentor, or submit your question below. Either way, we want to hear from you. 

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