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Business Mentoring Australia FAQs

What is a Business Mentor?

A Business Mentor is an objective and confidential advisor who you can turn to when you need to close a skill gap, or if you need advice and direction for new ideas. A Business Mentor does not complete day-to-day tasks for you, instead, your mentor keeps you focused on your objectives so you can learn and grow from your experiences. 


What can I expect from a Mentoring Session?

All Business Mentoring Australia consultations are carried out via a phone call and lead you through specific stages including:

Stage 1 - Goal development

In the Goal development stage, your mentor will get to know you, your goals and objectives, and what you have completed so far within your journey. Building trust is crucial for a successful mentoring relationship, in the Goal Development stage you must feel comfortable disclosing your fears and working through any initial issues you may face. 

Regular meetings should be established during this period to ensure both the Mentor and Mentee can maintain gains and stay focused on the objectives. Generally, the consultations should be no more than a fortnight apart. 

Stage 2 - Preparation

In the Preparation stage, your mentor will prepare you for the steps you need to take in order to reach your goals. This may include increasing your skills or refining certain skills. This is the longest stage in the mentoring arrangement as it takes time to build skills and to form a secure foundation to ensure your success. 

Stage 3 - Establishment

During the establishment stage, you are on track to reaching your goals and your mentor will provide advice and guidance to keep you focused on your objectives.

Stage 4 - Maintenance and review   

When you have reached the Maintenance and Review stage, you have successfully reached your goals and looking to maintain your gains and start thinking about what is next! 

How much does Business Mentoring cost?

Business Mentoring Australia does not have any lock-in contracts, instead, you simply book the mentoring sessions as you go. Visit the Mentoring Prices page for further information. 

Can I claim mentoring sessions back on tax?
Yes. You will receive an invoice directly after you pay for a consultation. Simply save these for your tax accountant to claim as an educational reimbursement. 

How long does the mentoring programme last?

Business Mentoring Australia doesn't have lock-in contracts, therefore you have the control whether the relationship is a one-off or ongoing resource. It is common for your mentoring relationship to last for at least 6 months as this gives you time to utilize your new skills in practical situations and become confident enough to take your next step. 

What happens once I have booked for a mentoring consultation?

You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase, then your mentor will contact you via phone call at your chosen time. 

What do I do I if I need to reschedule a mentoring session?

Simply send an email to with your name and the time of the initial booking, and the Administration Team will provide you with a code to re-book your session on your chosen day and time at no extra charge.

What do I need to do if I need to cancel a booking?

Simply send an email to with your name and the time of the initial booking, and the Administration Team will provide you with a code to reschedule your session on your chosen day and time at no extra charge.

You can choose to reschedule or request a full refund if cancellations are received prior to 48 hours before your consultation. Any cancellations made within 48 hours of your consultation will be charged the full amount of the consultation or can be rescheduled without further cost. 

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