Employee Engagement Survey

Welcome to [insert organisation] Employee Engagement Survey,

The survey is open for two weeks from [this date] to [this date]. During this period, you have the opportunity to tell us what you think about working at [insert organisation].

We would like to hear how you think we’re going, what you think we have improved since the last engagement survey in [insert year] and what we could be doing better.

Your feedback is critical to helping us enable you and the organisation to perform at our best.

I appreciate your time and honest feedback. If you have questions about the survey, please contact your supervisor or the Human Resources team.

Thank you for your participation


[insert CEO's name]

Survey Begins

Please select the relevant dropdown answer from the following questions to help determine whether different employee groups have different perceptions about working at your organisation. This information will not be used to identify you.

The following questions are your opportunity to tell us what it’s like to work at your organisation.

What could make your organisation a better place to work?

Thank you for your participation!