Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement Survey

Are you looking for someone to run your organisation's Employee Engagement Survey? Are you looking for someone who will not only develop the survey and analyse the results, but present the results in modern reports people will actually enjoy reading? Business Mentoring Australia can help!

What is an Employee Engagement and why should your organisation survey it?

Employee engagement is the degree to which staff feel connected and committed to your organisation's mission, vision, values, and objectives and whether or not employees strive for the betterment of the organisation on a day to day basis.

Running an Employee Engagement Survey doesn't simply gauge how cheerful or unhappy employees are. It quantifies whether employees are devoted to the organization and acts as a critical benchmark for the business to spot development areas and culture issues. 

Employee Engagement Survey Benefits

The benefits of high employee engagement are plentiful. High employee engagement provides an organisation with:

  • Higher productivity
  • Lower turnover of staff
  • Lower sick and unpaid leave
  • Happier customers
  • Increased collaboration within teams and across different departments
and many, many more!

    When employees are proud of where they work, it identifies itself through referrals, quality of work and positive reputation. Engaged staff have genuine desire to see the organisation succeed and are more emotionally resilient when situations get tough. 

    Other than Employee Engagement, what else can the survey measure?

    By asking some simple demographic questions, an Employee Engagement Survey can be cut at different sections of the organisation. For example, if your organisation has multiple departments, different service offerings, people of different genders, ages etc. You can identify which departments or subgroups are the happiest, and who are the least disengaged so you can focus on lifting their engagement. 

    By asking additional questions, such as does your manager encourage and motivate you to do the best job you can? you can also identify if your Managers and Team Leaders are actively leading their teams, or if their teams are struggling under their management. 

    An Employeee Engagement Survey can also identify whether people are happy with the nature of the work. Most individuals don't really want simple and boring jobs, they want to be challenged. Testing whether staff talent is being utilised can be massively inspiring for organisations and can be the difference between people seeing a career path with the organisation and being promoted within, or whether they leave and take their knowledge elsewhere. 

    What is involved in an Employee Engagement Survey?

    There are three main processes when running an Employee Engagement Survey:

    1. Announcing the survey
    2. Completing the survey
    3. Identifying areas to celebrate and areas requiring development

    Announcing the survey

    The lead up to the survey is just as important as having responses to the survey itself. A thorough communication plan is required to ensure every staff member understands the meaning behind the survey and why it benefits them to complete it. 

    A good communication plan may involve:

    • All staff emails directly from the CEO to let them know what it will mean to them if staff complete the survey. 
    • Reminder emails
    • Posters
    • Newsletters
    • Videos
    • Face to face reminders

    Completing the survey

    Usually, the survey is open for two weeks to allow for staff being on leave etc. When the survey is live, monitoring the number of responses in each group, department etc. is critical. If there is under 6 responses the survey becomes invalid. In order to get a survey which is representative of the actual organisation, it is imperative for managers to remind staff to get the survey done. 

    To increase survey responses, some of the bribery techniques include:

    • Incentives. Some staff may not have access to computers and will need to come into the office to complete the survey and require payment to do so. 
    • Rewards - offer movie tickets, vouchers or even chocolates as rewards for completing the survey 
    • Giving people time off phones to complete the survey
    • Reminding staff of the opening dates and value of their responses

    Identifying areas to celebrate and areas requiring development

    The worst thing that can happen after an Employee Engagement Survey is nothing. Staff have taken time out of their day to complete the survey, and are hopeful negative responses will have positive outcomes. 

    There are always areas that can be developed however if the Employee Engagement Survey comes back positive, engaged workers are something worth being thankful for and should be celebrated. 

    If the survey comes back with negative responses, it's an indication that areas of the organisation are in disharmony. Often companies try and fix multiple things at once, and end up creating more disengagement as people resources become stretched. The trick is to highlight the top 5-10 key drivers and focusing on increasing staff engagement around them.  

    Employee Engagement Survey Costs

    Identifying critical benchmarks within the business model could save your organisations thousands, if not hundreds of thousands each year. 

    If you have a disengaged workforce, chances are, your organisation has low productivity, high sick leave, high turnover and low output, many clients or customer complaints etc. An Employee Engagement Survey can help identify areas needing improvement so the culture of the organisation can be restored. 

    If you have an engaged workforce, chances are your organisation has high productivity, low sick leave, low turnover and high output. Your staff are more likely to engage in promotions, work over and above their role, and be totally committed to the organisational mission, vision, values, and objectives, and most of all, your clients and customers will also be happy. 

    Running an Employee Engagement Survey may have an initial cost outlay, however, the cost of the survey pails in comparison to the amount of money your organisation is loosing on poor productivity and engagement.

    If you would like an Employee Engagement Survey completed for your organisation, we would like to hear from you. Simply get in contact with Business Mentoring Australia now by completing the form below.