You don't have to avoid performance appraisals ever again! Find out why!

Performance Appraisals

Are you nervous about the upcoming performance appraisals or reviews? Are you a Supervisor, Team Leader, Manager or on the Executive Team?

Have you ever experienced having the professional development meeting from hell? The one where you go into the meeting totally unprepared, you provide flustered answers, your staff are defensive and angry, you both feel totally undervalued, and walk away feeling angry and disappointed? Yes! Performance reviews at this time of year can be daunting.

You are not alone. I understand. Having completed hundreds of performance review meetings and written hundreds of performance plans, I have walked in your shoes as an employee receiving feedback and as a Manager providing the feedback.

There were so many meetings I cringed afterwards. During one memorable performance appraisal I even wanted to fire the staff member on the spot, but then I discovered a way to give and receive feedback to ensure no-one walked out of the meeting in tears. In fact, we walk away smiling.

Staff reporting to me looked forward to the performance development meetings. Yes! You heard right, they looked forward to them. If I needed to postpone them, they complained!

Imagine being a part of a team of motivated individuals who all want to see progress and receive valuable feedback. 

To hear how I transformed performance development meetings from people being defensive before I said hello to my direct reports knocking on my door saying, “Are you ready? I am! Let’s do this!” Book in a 60-minute mentoring session today by clicking here

For only one hour of your time, you can transform your team. You will lead a successful, collaborative, motivated and productive team, and now is the perfect time to start!

Time is running out, don’t wait until it’s too late. The performance planning period will be over before you know it, and you will lose this precious opportunity to take your team on a journey.  

Not only will you find out how to transform your team, you will also learn how to use the 30-60 minutes of your own personal development session with your Manager to change your life.

Book in a 60-minute mentoring session today by clicking here