Cover Letter - Increase your chance of being shortlisted

Cover Letter - Increase your chance of being shortlisted

Are you applying for a job and want to increase your chances of being shortlisted for a position? Writing an engaging cover letter will put your application on the top of the pile. 

A previous client of Business Mentoring Australia had an unreal amount of experience, yet for over two years, she still couldn't get work. She had:

  • A degree relevant to the roles and many short courses;
  • Over five years of leadership experience;
  • Ten years of owning her own business.

Our professional resume writers reviewed her cover letter and resume, and there were a few issues with it.

  • The cover letter was eight pages long;
  • Her resume wasn’t eye-catching;
  • Her writing style was long winded;
  • You could tell she updated it job by job, not overall as the writing style was not consistent over her career;
  • There appeared to be no passion with her language.

Our professional resume writer reduced the client’s cover letter to a passionate one-page document, and her redrafted resume was a concise, modern looking, two-page document which was tailored to the focused positions.

The resume and cover letter still detailed all of her accolades, but it looked like a sleek marketing tool, and to our delight, her job offers started pouring through.

However, our work wasn't done. We helped her with her confidence to do well at the interview and continue to mentor her today in 1:1 mentoring consultations. You see, at Business Mentoring Australia, we are not in it for a quick sale, we build a relationship with you so that you can share your career journey with someone, and it all starts with a cover letter!

It has been proven employers love seeing white space and modern design. It is more comfortable on the eye and more pleasant to read. When employers are looking at hundreds of resumes, your resume and cover letter need to be your marketing tool which reaches out and engages them. They need a sense of familiarity that makes them feel safe that they are making the right decision in hiring you for the position.

Our professional resume writers will reduce and refine your resume, to make it appealing to employers, as well as provide you with a professional cover letter wither tailored to a specific job you are applying for, or a generic template that you can use for any position by just changing a few details. Simply purchase the Quick Apply Package below to get started: