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Mentoring Program

Are you looking for Business Mentoring Programs to professionally develop your staff? Whether you are looking for a one-day training workshop or a 12-month Accelerated Leadership Program, Business Mentoring Australia has a solution for your organisation.

Service offerings include the following:

Other two-day workshops available include:
  • Using communication as a secret weapon
  • Successful insight and reflective practices
  • Understanding organisational politics
  • Getting to know your internal and external stakeholders
  • Building organisational, time management and conflict management skills
  • The difference between Alpha Dogs and Worker Bees
  • Visualise and present powerful messages
  • Motivate and engage your staff
  • The power of silence and body language
  • Setting expectations and dealing with complaints
  • Managing performance - know how to have difficult conversations
  • Understanding risk and quality
  • Change management - How not to lose staff morale

 Would you like to engage with Business Mentoring Australia to provide training to your staff? Simply contact us by filling out your details below, and let us know what you need. 

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