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Business Mentoring Australia is offering a free mentoring session to support entrepreneurs, small business owners and startup companies.

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Business Mentoring Australia

Business Mentoring Australia | Free Mentoring Session

How would you benefit from a Business Mentoring Australia free session?

Mentoring sessions are designed to work with you and your business on a strategic level to provide clear objectives, goals, and identify what success looks like. A strategic plan creates an effective Business Plan that you can take away, and use on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis, to ensure your business is on track, marketing strategies are providing the engagement you want, and you are receiving the business return you are hoping to achieve.

Often when entrepreneurs, stay at home mums, small business owners, or even senior executives don’t have a clear business strategy, they can find themselves working on activities which do not add value to the company. A Business Mentoring Australia Mentor can, not only help frame your business strategy, but also help you form goals, and keep you motivated to achieve them, so you stay on track to becoming a successful business owner or executive.

Mentoring programs across Australia offer all sorts of benefits including:

  • Developing effective time management skills,
  • Increasing your networking capabilities,
  • Building your customer engagement
  • Improving your business profit.

Business mentors are experienced and trained in helping mentees turn their business idea into a successful business.

Starting a business can be incredibly time consuming, and overwhelming at times. It is a steep learning curve to navigate new software, understand the elements required to have an engaging website and social media account, know when to outsource and when to stumble through barriers on your own. A Business Mentor can take away your struggles, and point you in the right direction.

Business leaders today started with an idea or a concept. You too, can be successful, and become the business leader that you want to be, however it comes with having an advocate on your side, someone you can scream to when things aren’t working how you want them to, and, have someone to jump up and down with excitement when you’re on a winning streak.

You go to a Personal Trainer to increase your fitness and lose weight. You go to a life coach or a lifestyle consultant to improve your life skills, you go to a Dating Consultant to improve your love life, but who looks after them? A Business Mentor does. Whether you are just starting out with a budding idea, or a small business owner wanting to expand, a Business Mentor from Business Mentoring Australia is ready to share your struggles and start to celebrate your wins with you.

Business Mentoring Australia utilizes an efficient and organized coaching program which is broken down into four phases:

Phase one: Relationship building and creating your strategic business plan

A trusting relationship is basic to the achievement of coaching and mentees must feel secure to examine any issue, or to uncover their barriers to successes. During the relationship building stage, Business Mentors will ask you questions like;

  • what have you done so far?
  • what have you found difficult?
  • what does success look like for you?
  • what are some of your achievements so far?
  • how do you learn?

The answers to questions, such as the ones above, form your business plan so you have a solid foundation to work from.

Phase two: Setting goals and meeting schedules

During the goal-setting phase, the Mentee and Mentor become aware of the direction you want to take, and how long it will realistically take to get there. A meeting schedule will be put in place to keep the momentum going, and open communication ensures the Mentor is available whenever you need them.

Phase three: Mentee skill development

This is the longest phase of the mentoring relationship. Objectives are set, targets are developed, and a practical journey starts to help you achieve those objectives and activities you chose to accomplish the goals you set. All with the gentle encouragement, support and advice from your Mentor.

Phase four: Assessing mentee progress

During the assessment mentoring phase the accomplishments are realised, and the time is used to set the next stage of your individual and business development, to make you even more successful.

Whether you're just thinking about it or you're ready to start, a Business Mentoring Australia Mentor can guide you through every step of the way. If mentoring is something that appeals to you. Get in touch with a mentor now with a free 30 minute, over the phone, business mentoring session.

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Business Mentoring Australia | Free Mentoring Session