Business Mentoring Australia | 20 Questions Before you Decide Your Business Name

Entrepreneurs Stop! Don’t register your business name until you read this!

Business Mentoring Australia | 20 Questions Before you Decide Your Business Name

Have you come up with a perfect business name? If the answer was no, head to the Business Name Generator to find some inspiration, then come back and follow the guide below. 

Business Mentoring Australia understands choosing a business name is as hard as choosing a name for your child.The Business name will be around forever, you will have to talk about it, write about it, and, be accountable for the business reputation if the business name attracts negative publicity.

Coming up with a business name is a critical first step to owning your own business, and sometimes when you think you have found the perfect one, it turns out not so perfect in the long run.

Avoid the heartache, and, the money spent on rebranding your company. Use the simple guide below to objectively think about any issues which may come up with your business name to ensure it is fit for the long term.

  1. Does the business name target your audience?
  2. Does the business name explain what the business offers? 
  3. Can the name be pronounced easily?
  4. Does it read quickly and clearly?
  5. Can you say it, and others understand it without spelling it? 
  6. Is it spelt as it sounds?
  7. Is it short or less than 4 words or 11 letters so people can remember it?
  8. Does it contain negative internal words?
  9. Is it unique and sensory? 
  10. Does it spark interest? 
  11. Does it tell a story?
  12. Does it represent the business?
  13. Is it authentic?
  14. Does it imply a desirable message?
  15. Could your staff say it proudly?
  16. Does it discriminate against people?
  17. Would the name be suitable for 5-10 years from now?
  18. Is the business name flexible if you change your core business 5-10 years down the track?
  19. Is the business name similar to your competitors? (You may lose customers)
  20. Can the business name fit on brochures, business cards, usernames etc? Will it need an acronym?
If you are you still in the process of coming up with a business name, head to the Business Name Generator to get some inspiration.

      What’s next? Have you come up with a logo to suit your business name yet? 

      Business Mentoring Australia - Business Name decision

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