I Have A Question For You; Are You Your Potential Customer Avatar?

Have you started your own business and looking to increase sales through marketing? Or are you just starting out? 

I have a question for you; Are you your potential customer avatar? 
Chances are, if you have your own business, or are looking to start one, you are passionate about what you are looking to achieve, therefore, it's obvious to me, at least, that you are your perfect customer!
You are passionate, looking to grow and learn, and open to suggestions. You know what you want from the quality of products, you know what you like, what you don't like, and you also know what websites you frequent, forums you hang out in, and social media platforms you use. 

Your first step is often the hardest, you need to find out who you are!

You can do that by:
  • Brainstorming by yourself on a blank piece of paper
  • Completing insightful quizzes and tests like the Visual DNA tests
  • Asking your closest friends and family
  • Asking Facebook!
Facebook is a scarily accurate predictor of your personality and interest profile. Every post you hover over, every post you click on, every location you hang out at, any link you like etc. is captured and used to build your personality and interest profile. They then give this information to advertisers, who like you, want to target their audience and convert that interest into sales. 

How to use Facebook to identify your interests

This step is really simple. You can do this by going to a sponsored post in your Facebook feed, clicking on the down arrow (usually located in the top right-hand corner of the advertisement image) and click Why am I seeing this? 
 The next box will give you a brief spiel about why you are seeing it,

however, when you click on Manage your Ad Preferences, a detailed description pops up which is really what you are after! 
Once you have an idea of which interests will be applicable to your target audience, you can then start a targeted Facebook campaign after you have completed all the steps to get Free Organic Website Traffic First - click here to open up the related blog post.
You can enter your conversion advertisement and select the relevant interests. You can also get Facebook to suggest other keywords and see how many people also show an interest (see below).
Like every good marketing technique, you need to Start Your First Free Advertising Campaign with a SMART goal (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Based)
Your SMART goal from this post is to; Write down at least 10 interests your potential customer has, and use these to kickstart your next marketing campaign within the next week.

Starting your free advertising marketing campaign

Ideally, you want to start with a free advertising marketing campaign which will flood the internet with your product or service and get the word out there. It takes 6 months to develop a good internet presence and years to become a brand. It also takes a lot of patience to perfect your art, but a successful outcome is amazingly rewarding.
The eBook, “Your Key To Success: Drive Free Organic Traffic To your website Today” contains over $480 AUD of mentoring advice, and includes different steps you can take to increase your organic web traffic which is available to purchase by clicking on the link above.


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