Business Mentoring Australia | Happy Anniversary!

Business Mentoring Australia (BMA) is celebrating our first year anniversary today! As the Founder, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the hundreds of clients BMA has helped over the last twelve months. We could not have helped as many people as we have without you! 
To inspire our fellow entrepreneurs out there, I would like to share my journey with you.  As I write this, I am living my dream.  I own my own business.  I work from home.  I choose when I work.  My schedule is flexible and I am happy.  I am making enough to support myself, providing an income for my staff, however, not enough to be financially free...every entrepreneur's goal! 

  • I worked this morning.  Provided a coaching session and helped re-write a soon to be General Manager's resume. A woman who will no doubt influence thousands of people with her admirable passion.
  • Enjoyed my iced coffee next to the Runaway Bay canals and fed a magpie.
  • Read my daughter’s English book and noticed the difference between the start and end of the year.
  • Provided mentoring for a strong determined woman who opened up a new Yoga studio.  She is an amazing, talented, genuine and kind person with a heart of gold.  If you’re on the Gold Coast and would like a private 1:1 yoga, Pilates, Reiki or meditation session, book her in by clicking here.
  • Checked my budget and practised gratitude that it was balanced.
  • Received my food delivery from Coles. I seriously would be lost without them! 
  • Prepared my healthy meals for the week.
  • Bought two motivational books to keep me stretching and dreaming: Anthony Robbins “Awaken the Giant Within” and Kristina Karlsson’s “Your Dream Life Starts Here” 
  • Relaxed and watched a TenPlay download of 2018 Victoria’s Secret show.
  • Had a great conversation with a friend!   

What is holding me back? I’m impatient! I want everything now! In one year, I have created a profitable business with next to no overheads. In ten years, a decade from now, it will be...  a business that continues to empower people around Australia to learn, grow and succeed! 
While BMA is one goal that has come to fruition. Like my eight-year-old daughter, I have other goals that are still in progress.
Today, we celebrated my daughter's first slime order! At eight years old, she is already a businesswoman. No doubt a trait I have contributed to! She found something other kids want. She even drew me a flow chart of how her business was going to work, right down to giving the government money!  We need to work on her math!!

Business Mentoring Australia
This morning I woke up tired. I was drained of emotional energy. My sister asked me if I wanted to do a Pilates session. Deep down I know I should have said yes. After all, one of my goals is to lose weight, but all I wanted to do was lie on the couch, without air conditioning in the heat of my lounge room. 
But I got up! I faced the day! I achieved a lot. I’m now going to bed, still tired, however, my reflection has given me hope for an even more productive day tomorrow. 
Two years ago I told my ex that I was going to start my own business, quit work and travel full time. He laughed. My family doubted me. 
I learnt new skills. Cried and laughed a lot. Created websites and businesses that failed. I never once stopped believing in my talents. I remained determined and focused!  Today I am sharing this post on the anniversary of just one of my highly successful businesses, to give inspiration to all entrepreneurs out there.
Don't wait for tomorrow. Book your free 30-minute mentoring session by clicking here. You can start today. With one goal and several milestones. If you work hard, remain dedicated, you too will make your dreams come true!

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